Rosh Pinah Primary School

Views of Pupils

What do our pupils say about safety, behaviour and what helps them to learn in school?

In December 2012, we carried out a survey of 66 children from Year 1 to Year 6 inclusive.

They were asked the following questions: The quotes are from the children as they said it.

Do you feel safe in the playground?

63 out of 66 (95%) said yes

What helps you feel safe in the playground?

"My friends help me feel safe."
"We don’t have an open gate."
"We are not a large society of people."
"Teachers keep me safe."

Behaviour is good in school - hand up if you agree.

64 out of 66 (97%) said yes

In the classroom, how should you behave?

"Show respect to everyone"
"Don't act in an inappropriate way"
"Don't shout out"
"Sit nicely"
"Fantastic behaviour"
"Letting others have a turn"

What helps you learn?

"Asking if I don't understand"
"The Interactive Whiteboard"
"Keep on trying"
"Lots of vocabulary on the walls"
"Use resources like laptops"
"TAs in the classroom"
"Being positive"
"Looking back at my work"
"If you listen to the teacher you learn more"
"Making mistakes helps me learn"

Why do you think the Golden Rules are important?

"They help keep the school calm"
"They are really, really important"
"If you don’t follow them, something bad could happen."
"The Golden Rules are super dooper important"
"People might think they can do what they like"

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