Rosh Pinah Primary School

Our Golden Rules

The Golden Rules are now central to everything we expect from the children during the school day.
The Golden Rules are discussed with every class at the start of every term and following half term breaks.
The Class Rules in every class are derived from the Golden Rules.
Golden Rules

What do pupils say about the Golden Rules?

In a survey of 36 children from Year 1 to Year 6 in November 2012 about the Golden Rules, this is what they told us

The quotes are from the children

Where are the Golden Rules displayed?

"The Golden Rules are above our whiteboard"
"The Golden Rules are in the entrance of the school"
"In our classroom on the door"

Do you know any of the Golden Rules?

"Have to be caring and share"
"Take care of your belongings"
"Respect other people"
"Help keep our school clean and tidy"
"Take care of your belongings"
"Be nice to your friends"

Are they important?

"Yes, they keep the school calm and tidy"
"Yes, because we are nice children"
"Yes as you have to be good and helpful for everything you do"
"Yes, the teacher has talked to us about them a lot"
"The school is better with the Golden Rules"
"They make the school a happy place"
"We know them better this year"
"Last year we didn't know any of the Golden Rules"
"If you don't know any of the Golden Rules, the school won't be as good or as happy"
"If we don't keep to them in the school then no one would be happy"
"Without them, everyone would be behaving like nuts"

  • Golden Rules were discussed during the Olympics and linked with the Olympic Values
  • Children designed posters to promote the Golden Rules
  • Class Teachers discussed the Golden Rules with all classes during induction week in September
  • All classes have made a display of the Golden Rules somewhere prominent in their classroom
  • the Golden Rules were the starting point for making the class rules in every class
  • Golden Rules have been discussed with every class immediately after a half term break or end of term break.
  • The Golden Rules were added to the homepage of the website so we shared them with all web visitors

The survey showed that having given the Golden Rules greater prominence since September 2012, we have succeeded in raising the Golden Rules in the consciousness of pupils through the school.