Rosh Pinah Primary School

Dress Code

All male Jewish visitors to our school must cover their heads when entering our school site for any reason.  This includes attendance at any assembly or parents meeting or when collecting children from the playground.
All female visitors to our school must adhere to the dress code below when entering our school site for any reason.
The school site means both the Early Years Unit at Mowbray Road and the Main School site at Glengall Road.
The school reserves the right to ask any visitor or parent who does not adhere to the school's dress code to leave the premises or we may refuse entry at the gate.

It has always been the policy of the Honorary Principal, Head Teacher and Governing Body of the School that the highest standards of Jewish practice should be maintained.

The Orthodox Jewish Ethos of our School is central to its existence and is dependent not only on our teaching of Jewish Knowledge but also on the way we behave as Jews within the school community.

The following dress code is in place for anyone who spends time in the school for any reason.

At all school events taking place within the school we ask that ladies wear skirts of reasonable length that cover the knee when seated and that slits in skirts should not be above the knee. Tops should not be sleeveless, low cut or show a midriff. The wearing of leggings does not negate the requirement for skirts to cover the knee when sitting.
Upon entering the school gates and at all times when on our Early Years and Main School sites all Jewish men and boys should cover their heads or whilst attending any school event. Sleeveless t shirts are not to be worn. Men must wear a kippah when in our school halls on both sites.

Boys may not grow their hair long or wear hair gel.

Colouring of pupils' hair is not permitted.

This dress code includes anyone helping in classes and on school outings. On outings, boys and girls must wear the school uniform baseball cap.