Rosh Pinah Primary School

Our Staff

Leadership Team

Head Teacher Mrs Angela Gartland
Deputy Head Mrs Sarah Mordecai
Deputy Head Rabbi Jonathan Spector
SENCO / Inclusion Mrs Sylvia Harwood


Admin Team

PA to Head Teacher Mrs Caren Rosenthal
School Receptionist Mrs Emma Morris
Admissions/Early Years Administrator Mrs Rebecca Samad
Office/Finance Assistant Mrs Vivien Lewis
Finance Officer Miss Louise Prodromou
Trust Officer Mrs Angela Roberts
ICT Administrator Mr Ben Moses



Nursery O Mrs Ostroff
Nursery M Mrs Mott-Cowan
Reception Chagall Mrs Pater
Reception Einstein Mrs Ordman
Year 1 Abrahams Mrs Ntaji
Y1 Weitzman Mrs Levene
Y2 Chaplin Mrs Selzer and Mrs Juter
Y2 Rothschild Mrs Bukhari
Y3 Maccabee Mrs Benjamin and Mrs Juter
Y3 Meir Mrs Goldstein and Mrs Mordecai
Y3 Kerr Mrs Barbanel and Mrs Feingold
Y4 Pissarro Miss Harris
Y4 Rothko Mrs Haringman
Y5 Bernstein Miss Dampney
Y5 Speilberg Mr Munro
Y6 Ben-Gurion Mrs Levinson/Mrs Levy
Y6 Herzl Mrs Mellish/Mrs Schock


Jewish Studies

Nursery and Reception Jewish Studies - Mrs Shapiro
Ivrit - Mrs Anderson
Y1 and Y2 Jewish Studies - Mrs Kramer
Ivrit - Mr Abu
Y3 Jewish Studies - Mr Sanders
Ivrit - Mr Abu
Y4 and Y5 Jewish Studies - Mr Sanders and Mr Goldin
Ivrit - Mr Abu
Y6 Jewish Studies - Rabbi Spector
Ivrit - Mr Abu


Safeguarding Personel

Andrew Rotenberg - Chair of Governors Has responsibility for the effectiveness of Safeguarding in the school and to independently advise and assess the conduct of adults in the School Community.
Angela Gartland - Headteacher Designated Safeguarding Officer
Taryn Levin - Safeguarding Governor Nominated Governor responsible for Safeguarding
Mrs Sarah Mordecai - Deputy Head Designated Safeguarding Officer
Mrs Sylvia Harwood - SENCO / Inclusion Designated Safeguarding Officer

Key Personnel for Safeguarding at Rosh Pinah Primary School can be contacted via the School Office.  Tel: 020 8958 8599

Rosh Pinah Subject Leaders

Myles Bracey (Foundation Governor)

Myles was born in Liverpool where he attended both King David Primary and High schools and was an active member of the Jewish community.  On completing school he attended Leeds University, graduating in Mathematics and Statistics before moving to London. Having qualified as Chartered Accountant, Myles is currently a Senior Finance Manager for BT Business. Myles has two children at the school. He is an avid Liverpool fan. As a Foundation governor, Myles particular areas of focus is ensuring appropriate financial control, though he also takes a keen interest in all strategic aspects.

Appointed by Scopus Jewish Educational Trust
Current term of office ends: 11 November 2016
Committees and Sub-committees: TBC

Councilor Brian Gordon (Local Authority Governor)

Brian is a solicitor by profession. He has been a member of Barnet Council since 1998, previously representing Hale Ward and, since 2014, Edgware Ward. He is currently Chairman of the Hendon Area Environment Committee and Vice Chairman of the Area Planning Committee. Brian is a former member of the United Synagogue Council and Jewish Board of Deputies, he currently sits on the executive of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations. He has a keen interest in Jewish education, having spent many years teaching in the local Cheder.

Appointed by the London Borough of Barnet
Current term of office ends: 12 October 2018
Committees and Subcommittees: TBC

Sylvia Harwood (Staff Governor)

Sylvia Harwood has had a long involvement with Rosh Pinah Primary School when her elder daughter began attending the school in 1990. Soon afterwards in 1996, she became a member of staff in the post of Special Educational Needs Coordinator and member of the Senior Leadership Team. Her family has been a foster family for Norwood for many years and are fully committed to a Modern Orthodox and the Zionist way of life. She is proud to be involved in the life of Rosh Pinah School - a school with a positive and inclusive vision.

Elected by the staff body
Current term of office ends: 01 March 2017
Committees and Sub-committee: TBC

Barbara Hotz (Foundation Governor)

Barbara started her involvement with the school a number of years ago as a parent helper. She is a qualified solicitor in two jurisdictions. She currently serves as a foundation governor and a trustee of the Rosh Pinah Jewish Primary School Trust. Her particular area of interest is the regeneration of the school. This programme has been ongoing for the last six years and we are delighted with the various projects that have been undertaken and completed. It is very important to Barbara that the children have a purpose-built and modern facility which enhances their educational experience.

Appointed by Scopus Jewish Educational Trust
Current term of office ends: 16 April 2018
Committees and Sub-committees: TBC

Susie Kaye (Parent Governor)

Susie Kaye has been Parent Governor since October 2013. She runs an HR and Employment Law Consultancy and has two children at the school. Her aim is to bring her professional experience to the Governing Body and is committed to helping the school and its' pupils reach their potential. 

Elected by the school parent body
Current term of office ends: 13 October 2017
Committees and Sub-committees: TBC 

Nick Kramer (Foundation Governor)

Nick and his family has had a proud connection with the school since it first opened down in Mowbray Road, where he too was a pupil of the school. All his children have passed through the school and still have many happy memories and great friends. He can also just about remember wearing the blue uniform quite a few years ago himself. Nick is a chartered accountant, with past careers in audit, investment banking, commodities trading, property and financial service. He hopes to help being a part of Rosh Pinah’s continuing development into a premier education and learning environment.

Appointed by Scopus Jewish Educational Trust
Current term of office ends: 30 April 2018
Committees and Sub-committees: TBC 

Vicky Leaman (Parent Governor)

Vicky Leaman joined the governing body in late 2014 as a Parent Governor. She has three children, all of them attend the school. She is a fully qualified teacher by profession, and has worked in the Education system for 16 years in the UK, with a degree in Psychology and currently doing a Masters of Education. She is a consultant trainer in schools on a part time basis so that she can be there for her children.

Having attended a Jewish school in South Africa it was important to her that her children have a Jewish education too.

Elected by the parent body
Current term of office ends: 13 December 2018
Committees and Sub-committees: TBC

Taryn Levin (Foundation Governor)

Taryn joined the Governing Body as a Foundation Governor in 2012.  All three of her children attend Rosh Pinah. She has been a trustee of Respite Kids, a charity offering respite to Jewish families caring for special needs children since 2008. Taryn has the role of Safeguarding Governor.

Appointed by Scopus Jewish Educational Trust
Current term of office ends: 15 June 2018
Committees and Sub-committees: TBC

Darcie Richman (Foundation Governor)

Darcie grew up in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and was privileged to have received a Jewish Education having attended a Jewish day school from Nursery through to completing high school. As a result, Darcie always knew that she wanted the same education for her children. She is an optician by profession, working part time in a practice that specializes in children’s vision in Hampstead. In the past she has served on various charity and shul committees. Darcie and her husband, Geoff have one daughter who is a past pupil of the school who now attends Yavneh College. Whilst her daughter was still at the school, Darcie was a “mummy helper” at school reading with infants over the years. Her special interest is in both formal and informal Jewish education. Darcie is also involved in arranging the school’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations for 2016.

Appointed by Scopus Jewish Educational Trust
Current term of office ends: 11 November 2016
Committees and Sub-committees: TBC

Andrew Rotenberg (Foundation Governor)

Andrew joined the Governing Body as a Foundation Governor in May 2012 and has been Chair of Governors since September 2013. He works as a solicitor in the City, specialising in finance and business restructurings. Andrews hope is to be able to use his professional experience to the benefit of the school. He is committed to making Rosh Pinah the premier school in the community which is known for its outstanding teaching, an excellent integrated secular and modern orthodox Jewish Zionist curriculum, top academic results and outstanding pastoral care.

Appointed by Scopus Jewish Educational Trust
Current term of office ends: 31 August 2018
Committees and Sub-committees: TBC

Adam Simble (Foundation Governor)

Adam Simble joined the governing body as a Foundation Governor.  Adam is a CST badge holder and has held the portfolio of security officer for the school. He has been responsible for ensuring all class trips are risk and security assessed prior to going ahead. In fact he is often part of the security team helping on the actual trip too. Adam has been involved in the Building Project, which has recently completed the new Early Years Centre and he together with his team continue to work on the next phase of building work.

Appointed by Scopus Jewish Educational Trust
Current term of office ends: 31 December 2016
Committees and Sub-committees: TBC

Others that sit on the governing body:

Head Teacher: Mrs Gartland
Deputy Head: Mrs Mordecai - non-voting observer
Deputy Head and Head of Limmudei Kodesh: Rabbi Spector - non-voting observer
Honorary Principal: Rabbi Lister - non-voting observer

Email address for the governing body: