Rosh Pinah Primary School

How we work with Parents

How the school works with parents and provides information to parents

The results of our last Parental Questionnaire in February 2011 showed that 98% of parents felt that their child made good progress at school and 78% of parents felt that they were kept well informed about their child's progress.

In the meantime, we have developed the following areas to try and ensure that parents are as up to date as possible about their child's progress. Points 2, 6, 8, 10 and 11 relate specifically to children's progress.

  1. Parents' Forum

    In Autumn 2010, the Head Teacher established a Parents' Forum. The Parents Forum met three times in the 2010/11 school year and twice in 2011/12 school year as the feeling was there wasn't the demand for three meetings a year. The meetings now take place in the autumn and summer term.

    A link via the website opens for the submission of questions for two weeks. Every question receives a response from a member of the senior leadership team, usually the Head Teacher and some questions go through for a discussion on the night.

    The Parents' Forum has been successful and is an additional outlet for parents to question school policy and procedure. Parents who have attended have said they have a better understanding of the constraints and issues concerning policies and procedure.

  2. Meetings

    Parents are welcome to make appointments at any time to meet with members of staff when concerns arise. We always say that most concerns are dealt with very rapidly when parents speak to the right person at the right time and in the right manner.

  3. Curriculum Information Evening for Parents

    The school holds a Curriculum Information Evening in September where all class teachers and Jewish Studies teachers make a short presentation about the curriculum that will be taught during the year. Specific curriculum information for each class is also on the website and updated at the start of each term.

    The Head Teacher addresses the parents at the Curriculum Information Evening and shares his vision for the school in the coming year as well as highlighting key changes taking place. Parents say they welcome this annual presentation.

  4. Transition Meetings for parents

    The school holds a number of transition (information) meetings towards the end of the school year for example for parents with children in Nursery moving to Reception.

  5. The display board in the entrance foyer in the school

    The school has a display screen in the foyer on which we display photos and other relevant information relevant to that week such as the menu or Shabbat times.

  6. Parents' Evenings about pupil progress

    The school holds parents' evenings for all parents Nursery to Year 6 twice a year. We have one Parents' Evening in the autumn and one in the spring term. Year 5 and 6 pupils attend these meetings along with their parents.

  7. Information Evenings for Parents

    We hold a number of evenings during the year for parents aimed at providing parents with more information. For example we have held two e-safety evenings (internet safety), an evening looking at how we teach Maths and we have had two interactive evenings where workshops were led by Jewish Studies staff.

    An evening was held in December 2012 with an outside speaker Ros Ferrera which provided parents with information about the Creative Curriculum. Class Teachers also spoke about the Creative Curriculum work developed in the autumn term 2012.

    We hold information sessions for parents about the Key Stage 1 (Year 2) SATS and for Year 6 parents regarding the Key Stage 2 (Year 6) SATS.

    We hold an information session for Year 5 parents regarding the Year 6 end of year residential trip.
    This is held a year ahead to give the Year 5 parents an opportunity to hear about the trip that takes place when their children are in Year 6 and also gives parents a chance to pay for the trip in instalments over a longer period of time.

  8. Inviting parents to submit questions ahead of Parents' Evening

    In Autumn 2012, we have trialled something new whereby we have invited parents to submit a maximum of two questions to both the Class Teacher and the Jewish Studies teacher on any matters relating to their child. This is aimed at making the Parents' evening time with teachers more useful and meaningful for parents.

  9. Head Teacher- high presence and visibility

    The Head Teacher is often on the school gate at the extremes of the day at drop off and collection times to meet and greet children and parents. The Head Teacher is happy to answer quick questions at these times but matters requiring private or lengthy discussion must be discussed at a meeting arranged through the school office.

  10. Written Annual Report

    The school provides a detailed written report once a year towards the end of the summer term for both National Curriculum and Jewish Studies.

  11. Pupil Progress

    Outside of the Parents' Evening framework, any parent who wishes to discuss their child's progress at any time during the year is welcome to make an appointment to meet with the teacher who will be happy to discuss this.

  12. Engaging with parents

    Most Junior class teachers are outside in the playground and Early Years and Key Stage 1 teachers are at the classroom door at the end of the school day and available for a quick chat with parents If the need arises.  Parents should always make an appointment for anything that requires a longer discussion.