Parent & Staff Association


The PSA is open to any parent or staff member who wishes to join. There are many things to get involved in from planning an event to organising the Seder table for the children.

The PSA works together as a team and we strive to encourage the school community to support us.

The PSA is split up into two parts: PSA and Funday.

The PSA organises fundraising events throughout the school year in addition to organising and providing assistance for Chaggim and milestone events.


If you have any suggestions for any events please let us know.

If planning and organising events is not your thing then you can still help.

Over the course of a school year there are many opportunities where you can pop in to school for a short time to distribute apples at Rosh Hashanah, doughnuts at Chanukah or to help make the kids mock Seder special.

If you would like to get involved in any of the above or simply want further information please contact us: