Rosh Pinah Primary School


Rosh Pinah
Rosh Pinah Primary School takes a broad view of education for sustainability,
encompassing healthy lifestyles, respect for diversity, interacting with the
community and protecting the environment.

We were pleased to welcome Jess Gold to school from Project Earth Rock. Jess ran some workshops for the children who composed their own eco-friendly words and music which was then performed in front of the children and staff.

The chorus of the song the children wrote with Jess are:

We walk to school x 5
We don't drive x 2
To keep the world alive
Please don't drive

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The children sang more songs and were taught about other important messages concerning the environment through song.

Project Earth Rock provides a fun and engaging music programme to help children understand sustainability and climate change issues. Their music curriculum supports the implementation of the eco schools programme as well as the eight doorways of the DFE's Sustainable Schools strategy.


The school has a Transport for London Accredited School Travel Plan and in July 2011 was awarded the Outstanding "Gold" Level of the London School Travel Plan Accreditation Scheme. This accreditation scheme has been designed to ensure a long-term commitment to sustainable travel planning in schools.

In 2009 Transport for London wrote about the school The school’s commitment to its STP has led to a 26 per cent reduction (32% in 2010)  in pupils travelling by car.  STP initiatives have been used as a context for class work including analysis of WoW (Walk Once a Week) data by Key Stage 2 pupils. The newly installed cycle and scooter storage is in constant use. The school travel newsletter keeps everyone up-to-date including local residents who receive their own version. The school’s JRSOs take an active part in promoting the STP and help the school champion with the WoW and park and stride schemes.”

Healthy eating and growing

If we don't exercise then our bodies slowly stop working which might give us health problems. If our muscles are strong then they protect our joints from being injured. And if our heart is strong then we have more stamina to do things like enjoy sports and running about.


We encourage cycling as we have a modern cycle shed in which to store bicycles. 
Years 5 and 6 have cycle training opportunities run by the London Borough of Barnet at different times of the year in the school playground, and this is a wonderful, free, opportunity to improve children’s cycling skills.

Our WoW (Walk Once a Week) class of the month is presented with a special WoW trophy in assembly each month to encourage children to participate.

Eating Healthy Foods
Rosh Pinah Primary School is accredited with the National Healthy Schools Standard and promotes healthy eating through the school’s nutritious and freshly cooked lunches every day.
We ask parents to encourage their children to walk or cycle to or from school at least once a week.
Our Park-and-Stride Scheme suggests that parents park about seven minutes away from school (half way down Broadfields Avenue) and walk the remainder of the journey. 
At Rosh Pinah we encourage recycling throughout the school with recycling boxes in all resource areas and a compost bin in the playground for which the children are responsible. There is also a composter for kitchen staff to use.  We recycle paper, cans, unwanted footware, ink cartridges and plastic water bottles.
Junior Road Safety Officers
JRSO logo

We have pupils who are appointed Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) appointed or selected usually for a one year period.  The JRSOs and all their helpers are a huge help to the Road Safety Officer for the local area, as they help promote road safety issues within the school and local community.

Designed for nine to 11-year-olds, the JRSO scheme recruits one or two children in each participating school to act as road safety champions and lead on promoting road safety issues amongst their peers, through initiatives such as games, competitions and special assemblies.

It aims to give the children a good grounding in road safety education as they prepare to make the transition to secondary school - the point at which many children begin to travel independently for the first time. The scheme is playing an important role in reducing the numbers of children killed or seriously injured on London's roads, which has fallen by 62 per cent from an average of 935 a year in the mid to late 1990s to 355 in 2005.

Car Sharing
Parents are encouraged to car-share when possible in order to reduce traffic around the school area and reduce their petrol consumption generally.