Books On Shelves


The Rosh Pinah Library sits at the heart of the School and is stocked with over 18,000 books. We believe that reading for pleasure unlocks a world of knowledge and learning for our pupils. When children read for pleasure, they build their knowledge and vocabulary, develop spelling and punctuation skills, increase empathy and improve wellbeing. We are very proud of our Library – it is a fantastic resource for both staff and pupils alike.

Beginning in Nursery, every class in the School enjoys a weekly session in the Library when children have the opportunity to listen to stories, explore the variety of books on offer and choose which books they want to borrow next.

From Reception through Key Stage 1, children are encouraged to borrow books from the Library in addition to their Home Reader, so will often have two books on the go in any one week. Our Library carries a wide range of picture books and books specially designed for children learning to read, in addition to chapter books aimed at more fluent readers.

Children in Key Stage 2 are encouraged to borrow three books in any one week to read for pleasure, homework or research and are able to choose from a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books aimed at the 7-11 age group.

Our extensive selection of non-fiction books for all ages, comprises of books that focus on topics of interest, hobbies, atlases, dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Our staff can often be found researching books in the Library that they think their pupils may enjoy as well as non-fiction books that support the current curriculum topics they are teaching in class. Indeed, we have a display in the Library of books recommended by our staff that they enjoyed as a child themselves.

We operate an electronic library system which enables us to search our book stock and check children’s past/current loan history. Our wonderful Junior Library Monitors take pride in helping to keep all our books in good order and we also have parent volunteers who generously give their time to help in the Library and also listen to our children read.

Library and Reading Events:

  • The School celebrates Book Week every year when the children come to school dressed as one of their favourite book characters
  • We invite published authors and illustrators to visit our School to talk to the children about their books and their careers as authors
  • Our main hall transforms into a book shop for a week each year during our Book Fayre, the profits from which go towards replenishing some of the books in the Library
  • We enter national competitions and recently won the coveted One Hundred Million Minute Reading Challenge Prize for the most hours read by the children. We were extremely proud!