Early Years Box

Early Years


Nursery & Reception

Children are welcomed daily to our warm, nurturing and stimulating Early Years Environment where our experienced staff ensure that children feel safe and secure enough to explore and challenge themselves.  We ensure a good pupil teacher ratio so that there is ample scope for individual help and support. Children are expected to try their best, treat others with kindness, to listen and to take responsibility for their actions.  They are encouraged to enquire, question and participate fully in all the opportunities that are available to them.  The emphasis on the acquisition and development of basic skills in Literacy and Numeracy is combined with a range of constructive play filling the day with inspiration, stimulation and fun.  Perseverance, creativity and independence are fostered through practical hands-on experience, investigations and a range of other activities.  Some skills, such as Phonics and Number Bonds, have a formal element in their teaching and learning, but all are applied in a range of situations to enhance understanding.  Children are read to daily and children in Reception read daily.

Admission Consultation

We are consulting on its admissions arrangements for 2025/26. The consultation begins on the 27th November 2023 and closes on the 31st January 2024.

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